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Interested in getting your VODs to show up on Smasharchives? Or are you a part of your local Smash scene and want their VODs to be listed on this site? Then you've come to the right place. Read on to find out how to proceed!

Preparing Your Channel

If you don't own the channel you're trying to get listed, you may skip this section.

In order to make sure all (or at least most) of your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate VODs show up correctly on this site, you need to make sure your VODs are titled correctly. This means that all of your video titles need to include the following information:

  • Tournament name
  • Name of player 1
  • Characters of player 1
  • Name of player 2
  • Characters of player 2
  • Player 1 and 2 characters must be named appropriately (no spelling mistakes), either by their full name or a common abbreviation (e.g. PT for Pokemon Trainer is acceptable)
  • If your channel has VODs from multiple games, SSBU vods must be clearly recognizable
  • If you are including players' sponsors, those must be clearly separated from the player's names by a delimiter (e.g. a pipe: | )
  • Tournament round, e.g. winners final, winners semifinal (optional)
Additionally, all of this information needs to be separated by a specific delimiter. For example, your video title may have the following structure:
[Tournament Name] - [Player 1] ([Player1 Characters]) vs. [Player 2] ([Player 2 Characters]) - SSBU

In the above example, the tournament name is clearly separated from player 1 with a space, followed by a hyphen, followed by another space. Player 1 is separated from player 1's characters by parentheses, and player 1 is separated from player 2 by "vs.". Finally, we have "SSBU" at the end to signal that this is a Smash Ultimate VOD.

Here is a full example of a good video title:

Tru4's Spotlight: Hessen's Finest! Winners Quarters - HIVE | quiK (Samus) vs. SBF | kung (PT)

This title conforms to all of the above criteria. Tournament name is clearly separate from players, sponsors are clearly separate from players, and characters are easily recognizable. Player 1 and 2 are always separated by "vs.". The channel this title is from only hosts SSBU videos, so an additional identifier to signal that this is an Ultimate VOD is not necessary. The only problem this title has is that the round is not separate from the tournament name, so our system would read "Tru4's Spotlight: Hessen's Finest! Winners Quarters" as the full tournament name, but that's alright.

Now, let's have a look at a BAD example of a title:

Imaginary Tournament Winners Semis MKLeo (Joker) vs Maister G&W - SSBU

Can you spot what's wrong? All the required information is there, but it is not clearly separated. For this example, our system would not be able to tell where the tournament name ends and player 1's name (MKLeo) begins. Also, player 2's characters are not clearly separate from player 2's name, so we would have a similar problem here.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that all your videos are titled according to the same pattern. All your titles can meet all the criteria, but if you have varying patterns you name your videos after, it will be useless. For example, if you have two videos with the following titles, our system will run into a problem:

  • Tru4's Spotlight: Hessen's Finest! Winners Quarters - HIVE | quiK (Samus) vs. SBF | kung (PT)
  • Tru4's Spotlight: Hessen's Finest! Winners Semis > HIVE | quiK (Samus) versus Youssef (Mario)

As you can see, both titles meet the above criteria, but the tournament delimiter is different (| in example 1, > in example 2), as well as the player delimiter (vs. and versus). This means that at least one of those two VODs won't be recognized by our system at all.

Don't worry though, our system crawls your channel every day and searches for updates to your VODs as well, so if you notice something isn't getting crawled (correctly), you can simply fix the mistake and it will be on Smasharchives properly the next day.

Finally, to make sure we can actually display your videos, you need to allow embedding YouTube videos. This is enabled by default though, so unless you turned it off at some point, you shouldn't need to worry about that. YouTube ads are played on Smasharchives, including pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and banner ads, so you won't need to worry about losing revenue either.

Submit Channel Info

Submit your channel info here. You don't need to own the channel you're trying to get listed, but it helps in case there is a problem with the video titles.

If you tick the box for channel owner, we will contact the YouTube channel's business email in case of a problem, so don't tick this unless you actually own the channel (we don't want to annoy anyone).

Your channel ID is a combination of letters, numbers, underscores and hyphens. It will be displayed in the URL at the top of your browser when you click on your channel name from a video page. For VGBootCamp for example, the URL is and the channel ID is UCj1J3QuIftjOq9iv_rr7Egw

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