Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Smasharchives get its VODs?

We have a list of YouTube channels known to upload VODs in an orderly fashion. Every 24 hours our crawler checks each channel for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate VODs and adds them to the index (or updates them, if applicable).

Channels which are included in the crawl are either selected manually, or submitted by the community through the get listed feature.

Does Smasharchives run ads?

The ads you see on videos are served by YouTube, and benefit the respective channel owners. Smasharchives may serve banner ads on certain sections of the website.

My regional/local Smash scene has a YouTube channel, but the VODs aren't listed here. Can you add them?

You can ask your regional/local TOs to submit their channel on the get listed page, or you can do so yourself. Note however, that it is preferred if the channel owner submits the application.

I'm part of / running an online tournament series and have VODs on YouTube. Will you add them?

While Smasharchives does host VODs of online matches, we will not add a channel that only has online VODs. When evaluating listing applications, we will ensure that every channel we add to Smasharchives regularly uploads new offline VODs.

I've noticed that VODs from X channel aren't being added to the site anymore, even though they were previously. What's going on?

We may periodically prevent VODs from certain channels from getting listed on Smasharchives based on certain criteria. For example, if a channel changes the way they name their VODs, it may take us some time to make adjustments to the crawler to ensure VODs are indexed properly.

Other times, channel owners may disable embedding videos, which means we can no longer play them on our site. In this case, we will also remove all of that channel's VODs, since you wouldn't be able to watch them anyway.

Can you add X feature to the site?

Smasharchives is currently in beta, and there are many more features to come, such as dark mode, more search options, favoriting VODs, and more. Therefore, we do not accept feature suggestions at this time. When development has progressed a bit further, we will add a dedicated feedback & suggestion form.

I'm working on an app, and could really benefit from your VOD index. Can you share it with me?

Our REST API is publicly accessible by anyone. Refer to the Developers page for more info.

Who made this?

This website was created and is maintained by Naxdy. VOD curation is done largely by the community, through submitting listing applications for channels with Ultimate VODs.